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More Than 90% Businesses With 10+ Employees Are Using best POS CRM software Canada

 Are You?

Whatever be the business & whatever the size be, Point of Sale & CRM are not only closely related with each other, rather they are inseparable. Unless we retain our existing customers and properly plan about how to expand the customer base in an ongoing way, we can’t achieve sustainable growth. With the advancement of techniques, this so-called daunting task is no more brainstorming. The simplest way is, install a superior quality POS CRM software at your retail store, supermarket, or multi-channel supply chain and relax.

 How POS CRM software Helps Small Businesses?

Where the competition is high in the market, Small business can’t afford to loose even a single customer. When you install CRM software which is customized to your specific requirements, you build a customer model.

You can create separate classes of your customers depending upon their regular requirements.

You must be allowing seasonal off or organizing Sale on some specific occasions. When you run sale campaigns, you can target a specific segment with greater attention.

POS CRM software helps you knowing the buying tastes of your customers. It becomes easier to inform them about new arrivals. This not only builds greater confidence in the customer but also make them feel of personalized service.

With CRM POS system, you can build a strong database, including mobile no. & email ID.  You can use this database for messaging & email marketing at any time.

Best POS CRM software Canada - Strive POS

Cloud Based CRM POS System

Recent survey showed that more than 90% of companies employing 10 workers & above use CRM POS. This helps them co-ordinate with them in general, and sales force in particular. Cloud-based POS CRM software Canada enables management to connect with their employees over smart phones.

Strive is a leading supplier of state-of-the-art best POS software solution in Canada. It features all the functionalities that are required for Retail POS including Billing & Invoicing, Payment Clearance, Stock & Inventory Control, CRM, Customer Data Base Management & many more.