Point of Sale Billing Software -Invoicing System By Strive

Hi-Tech Point of Sale Billing Software That Helps You Increasing Your Customer Base
The Point of Sale Billing Software that runs every time a sale is made. One of the most important tools for growing your business. This is how you can expand your business with online billing software for your retail store, and restaurant you’ve increased your online orders.

For example, updating inventory, generating invoice, maintaining stock, etc. The electronic equipment that performs sales transactions and processes credit card payments is known as POS invoice software.

Take control of the modern retail environment with comprehensive solutions that cover all aspects of your operation, from inventory to checkout. Strive POS reatils solutions help you compete and flourish by providing powerful features that make your life easier while providing an unrivalled, personalised experience for your customers.

The following are some of the most useful features and functions:

  • Easy to setup and use
  • Learn or train staff in minutes
  • Retail anywhere mobility
  • Real-time insight in and across your business

 Point-of-Sale-Billing- Software

Over years, the concept of customer service has seen a sea change. Whether you run a physical or eCommerce store, visitors at your doors expect quick and smart service. Their minimum requirement is they are not required to wait in queue for bill payment by using POS software.

If your staff at payment counters is using manual bill book & cash registers, then your customer base might be shrinking day after day.

Your requirement is to increase the number of customers.

Strive POS invoice software can be conveniently integrated with your other sales systems used in multi-channel stores, multi-department stores, malls, eCommerce platforms, ERP, storage & warehouse, accounting apps, and other systems.

POS invoice software is a full-service and full-featured best Point of Sale Billing Software that helps you in handling sales and clearance of bills hassle-free.

Customers’ DataBase

POS invoice software By Strive:

By installing Point of Sale software , I monitor sales & customer database . You can also use this system.

By installing POS invoice software, you can monitor sales & customer base data. You can use this database to contact the customers.