Point Of Sale System For Small Business | Strive POS System

Each size of the business has its own requirements. Example, Corporate may need multiple functions in one tool accessing its corporate office with a chain of stores spread across the country. On the other hand, a single point store may need a simple billing or cash register machine. Strive offers a world-class point of sale system for small business.

Small businesses must choose the correct point of sale (POS) system. Point of sale system for small business can better manage and control business expenses, gain a better understanding of what products sell best and then refine their stock accordingly, track product results and performance, and engage customers and prospective customers with loyalty rewards with the right point of sale system.

Features of Strive POS software for small business

Best POS System For Small Business - Strive POS

The point of Sale System offered by Strive is much more than a billing machine. Its software delivers almost all that what a small business needs. Besides billing & invoicing machine, you have complete access to inventory reporting. It works as accounting software that handles all sales records.

Strive POS is a stand-alone terminal featuring a receipt/label printer and a barcode scanner that can be used to replace traditional cash registers. Retailers can use the Strive POS system to accept payments, manage time sheets, maintain inventory, generate reports, and more. Strive POS eliminates the risk of losing data if a device is lost or stolen by storing all data in the cloud and allowing offsite access.

Our POS – retail point of sale software helps your sales team to focus more on sales than wasting much of time in updating sale records manually. Also, allows you to analyze the total sales & profit or loss to assess where you are lacking & helps increasing sales.