POS Billing Software For Supermarket & Retail Shops

Strive offers premium quality POS billing software for supermarket & POS Billing machine For Retail Shops. These POS billing machines are furnished with world-class features.

billing software for supermarket

Some essential features that are provided in Strive POS billing software for supermarket & Billing Machine for Retail Shops

  1. Invoicing
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Orders Management
  4. Integrated Purchasing
  5. Mult-point Sale Management
  6. Multi-Store / Multi- Outlet Chain Management
  7. Customer Data-Base Management

Why POS billing software is Necessary For You?

Digital transformation of manual records & processes is not an option, but one of the top priorities that should draw your attention from day-1. Businesses that are not growing to their expectations or vision may feel it difficult to overhaul their systems, but it’s essential to curtail the downward trends. To ensure sustainable growth, Process Automation is the gateway, and adopting high-quality Business Process Automation Software is the right way.

Do You Come Across Any Of These Issues?

Errors in handwritten bills & invoices.
Delay due to cash counting.
Soiled currency notes or short cash receipt or excess cash returned.
Incorrect Accounts –Sales, Receivables, or Payables.
Errors in PO.
Errors in Delivery.

 Are You Aware Of?

  • Customers satisfaction with Bill Clearance
  • Is in-house accounts management
  • Inventory control system update across all counters & channels
  • Bill clearance staff is equipped with taxation friendly invoicing system?

These are the minimum required parameters that customers expect & business needs.

Why You Should Go For Business Process Automation

  • It’s computerized & error-free
  • It’s faster
  • This system helps in building up a customer database
  • Automation streamlines the entire process
  • It makes your workforce work hassle-free
  • You get accurate & timely information
  • It enhances customer satisfaction & helps to expand customer base
  • Makes complicated tasks easier to handle

Processes You Need To Automate

  • Purchase & Sales Records
  • Invoicing & Bill Clearance
  • Accounts Management
  • Inventory & Stocks
  • Salaries, Wages & Leave Records
  • Inter-Departmental Work
  • Customers Database

Strive provides state-of-the-art POS Swipe Machine Software and POS machine for supermarket. This company has in-house team of professionals who are experts in designing tailor-made automation tools.