Over years, technology has gone a sea change. And, so did our business handling systems. Most of the successful businesses have transformed their handwritten business process to hi-tech solutions. POS – Point of Sale System is one of the most used business automation tools that successful businesses use today.

What Is POS System?

POS System For Retail

POS System At A Retail Business

Popularly called POS, is a Point Of Sale of any business. This could be sales & payment counters of a retail store, wholesale suppliers & distributors, a manufacturing unit or a service provider.

About a service provider, you can think of a Hotel, Restaurant, and Hospital etc. In organizations, this could be a cash collection point like fees collections in a School, College or University, funds & donation receipt counter of an NGO and point of donation collection in any institution or office.

Previously, POS of all these establishments had to perform the below-mentioned functions by hand;

  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Credit / Debit Card Swapping
  • Issue of receipt
  • Maintaining stock & inventory report
  • Maintaining a database of the customers
  • Taxation Reports

With the advancement in technology, you can get all these functions + many more, in a single computerized system. This computerized Point of Sale System is used by most of the successful businesses.

Benefits of Computerized POS System

Benefits of installing a good POS System are many. A few of them can be listed as under.

  • It Streamlines Your Business: One of the best benefits of POS System is, it helps you in streamlining your business. You can have control over multiple sale points, warehouse and accounts department. You can keep yourself updated while your sales workforce is busy at different points.


  • It’s Error-Free: All POS Systems are computer-based & function with software. This computerized system generates all entries free from errors.


  • Smooth, Swift & Smart Working: This computer-based machine helps you in handling your work smoothly, quickly and technically. It saves much of your time in preparing reports.


  • It’s Cost-Effective: POS System saves your expenses. It’s a one-time investment that handles multiple tasks simultaneously. This way, you save much of expenses on salaries and account books.


  • Builds Trust In Your Customers: You provide better customer service by using POS System. This helps you in retaining your customer base.


  • Customization: Every business has its own requirements. Whatever type of business is yours, you can get software that suits your needs.


  • Beneficial To Customers: POS System is not only beneficial to businesses, but also to customers. It helps them in clearing their payments fast. Bills & invoices they receive are free from accounting errors. They need not go through or check totals or mathematical calculations.


Strive offers a world-class POS System. This system is furnished with all the functions that your business needs. Strive POS System can be installed in Retail Stores, Wholesale Supply Stores, Restaurants & Hotels, Schools & Colleges and organizations.